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Samoa Wild Turmeric Juice - £10.99


Samoa Wild Turmeric Juice (Single Origin, Wild, Natural)



The Samoa Wild Turmeric Juice is a simple and quiet Revolution awakening the world of Conscious and Complete Health, Pure and Clean Living. It is a conscious effort to Return to our Roots by using Food as our Medicine. 



Rich in antioxidants and nutritional value, Samoa Wild Turmeric is a medicinal solution to various ailments and general health problems suffered by generations of Samoans. Wild Turmeric was gathered by our mothers and grand-mothers to cure ailments such as pain, inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis and parasitic diseases. The manufacture of this simple yet delectable formula was borne out of a necessity to self-cure and re-discover an age-old herbal remedy, inspired by my mother’s illness.



Samoa Wild Turmeric Juice presents a highly aromatic, earthy and smooth palate with a subtle spicy finish.



Wild Turmeric is prepared with alkaline ionised water to ensure you experience its unique and natural flavour without the interference of additives and preservatives.


Drink Wild Turmeric twice daily before or with meals. To gain maximum benefits of this powerful herb, consume undiluted, daily for 1 month, then try with honey hot or cold. Refrigerate once opened.


We hope you enjoy this special formula of Samoa Wild Turmeric Juice, and if you are looking for an accelerated absorbtion rate of its nutritional goodness, try our new Wild Turmeric with Black Pepper.


ELife - Live an Extra-ordinary Life!

Ingredients: Love and Passion, Wild Turmeric root & Alkaline ionised water

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